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Most small full bathrooms measure about 40 square feet, so even 10 or 20 extra square feet will drive up the cost of your small bathroom remodel. For example, if you’re expanding and adding new tile to the as well, as they are full on with all plumbing and electrical. Eco Lgical is also a Green Certified Builder. Contact info is Willie at 415-823-5525. website: Kelley We just completed a bathroom remodel with Gelu Construction. Our original contractor pulled out at the last minute and I had to find someone in two days to start. I found a lot of positive reviews of Gelu in this network. I contacted him one night and he came over the next day. he started work two days later. He is fast, and very very helpful. We know nothing about bathroom remodeling, and he guided us through all the components, lighting, toilet, tiling, painting. Prices were quite reasonable. Bathroom looks great. We are very satisfied with him. """"""""



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