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The MojiMini II

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I don't hide the fact that my FAVORITE device is the AirMoji. However, at a very close second, is the MojiMini!!! Just last month they revamped it!!!! They made it a bit smaller and gave us an amazing vent clip option!!!

We still have the visor clip option, but for those like me, we want it at the vent!!! It helps the fragrance work stronger!!!!! Our fragrant MojiPods are all the same size and will fit in all of our devices!!!!!

In the MojiMini our fragrances last 1 month +!!!!! My husband only changes his out every 5-6 months! I personally change mine out every 2-3 months!!!!! It depends on the strength of the fragrance! The medium and strong fragrances last the 2-3 month time frames! The light, last more like 1-2 months!

I used to use car fragrances that had the potential to leak and were only noticeable if the inside of the car had warmed up.

With our fragrances, it doesn't matter hot or cold!

I have 4 kids and 3 play soccer!!!! So, we often have stinky bags, shin guards, socks, and shoes in the car!!!! These fragrances combat that, and I'm so very grateful for these nontoxic products!!!

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