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Superbowl 2021: Who are you going for???

Chiefs or Buccaneers?????

Full disclosure: I am a Mahone fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I'm going for the Chiefs!!!!!

EVEN though they beat my 49ers last year!!!!!

What I didn't know is that the Monday following a SuperBowl is known as #NationalFootbalHangoverDay !!!!!!!!!!

Our bath bombs are perfect!!! Relax, Recharge, Delight, and Exhilarate are about baseball size and don't leave the yucky rings around the tub!

Relax: This lovely bath bomb is quite the experience, full of relaxing, mind-calming lavender essential oil and moisturizing coconut oil. Lay back and relax as your tub fills with a bright swirl of pink and purple color, this bath bomb will slowly fizz while creating a soothing bubble bath. The Relax bath bomb is both vegan and organic. Exhilarate: Prepare to be exhilarated with this incredible blend of essential oils! Invigorate your senses with cooling peppermint, cleansing lemon, and refreshing grapefruit as you soak in bath bliss. Allow the sea salt blend to exfoliate your skin leaving it feeling soft and refreshed. The scent of fresh citrus will linger but your bath water will not change color. The Exhilarate bath bomb is both vegan and organic. Recharge: Prepare to feel recharged after a soak in this unique blend of all natural oils. Combine the moisturizing agents of avocado and coconut oils for a soothing bath that will help your skin feel a bit softer and brighter. Watch your tub transform into a delightful green bathing bliss! The Recharge bath bomb is both vegan and organic. Delight: This vibrant yellow and orange fizz will not only brighten your mood but brighten your bath! Lemon and Wild orange oils are fresh and exciting to your senses.... add the moisturizing powers of coconut oil and you have a dreamy, bubbly delight! The Delight bath bomb is both vegan and organic.


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