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September Savings Inside - MojiLife Insider's Scoop and MORE!

September is in full swing, and we've got some fragrance-filled delights coming your way. It's time to unwrap the scent-sational offers waiting just for you.

Exclusive Access as a MojiLife Insider

Are you ready for a fragrant surprise? As an Insider, you're in for an exclusive treat! This month, experience the warm embrace of Warm Cinnamon as our Pod of the Month. And that's not all - you can also receive our Seasonal Fragrance+ to add excitement to your collection. OR you can get both! It's like opening a gift every month!

🌸 BOGO Alert:

Craving something sweet? Buy One Get One on our Vanilla & Sugar Fragrance Pod is here to satisfy your senses. Stock up on this irresistible scent before it's gone!

That's just the beginning! September is full of savings that start with the letter "S."

💥 Say Yes to the "S":

From September 1st to 30th, you can save on 4 of our favorite fragrance pods, all starting with the letter "S" - Serendipity, Spring Breeze, Summer Vacation, and Spiced Whiskey. Save 25% off the pack while supplies last!

📦 More in Store:

Looking to organize your fragrances? Our Pod Storage Case is a must-have addition to your Moji Home. And guess what? It's available at a whopping 50% off the standard retail price this September. Don't miss this opportunity!

Order our Limited Time Specials here! #MojiLife

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