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NATIONAL APPLE PIE DAY is Thursday, May 13!!!!

This combination was so popular for Halloween, that MojiLife has given them a beautiful exclusive look for the big day to celebrate on Thursday!

Apples Like biting into a juicy red Macintosh and a tart Granny Smith, this tempting apple treat is more than captivating.

Buttery Crust Rich notes of buttery, flaky crust, and golden cream with sweet vanilla sugar.

Cinnamon Spices The tasty aroma of simmering nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon with a touch of sparkling sugar.

All 3 of these are great pods individually, but they also have a fun collaborative effect. Used in AirMojis close by or in the M3 as a combo, you get Yummy Baked Apple Pie! Perfect to celebrate this fun national day.

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