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Mother's Day is Coming!!!

Mother's Day Collections!!!

Do you struggle to find the right gift???? I've never been one for flowers...I don't have a green thumb so they all tend to die!!!! I typically would get a card and candles!!!! I love candles!!!! But...I never liked to actually LIGHT them because I didn't like that if I didn't have it lit long enough, there'd be a sinkhole in the middle and the edges were wasted!!!!

So, if your special someone is like me and LOVES for my home to smell good, this is the PERFECT gift that will LAST!!!!!

Available now til May 9, 2021

Mother’s Day Getaway Collection

\White AirMoji II

Claire Accent

Relax Bath Bomb

Taj Mahal Pod

Sale: $74.95US $97.44CA

Scentsational Mother’s Day Collection

White MojiX

Recharge Bath bomb

Bora Bora Pod

Sale: $39.95 US $51.94 CA

While supplies last!!!!!

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