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#MojiDay is on #MojiMonday

#MojiDay is coming, Monday, July 26, and we have some incredible new fragrance releases and bundles!!!!!

Our Tropical Vibes Collection includes:

White AirMojiII

Gray MojiMini

Lily Home Accent

\Tropical Bloom and Sunny Citrus Fragrances

Our Signature Fragrance is getting a new look AND a drop in price!!!

New Juicy Watermelon Fragrance and Air+Off Essential Oil Pods!!! Our 🅼︎3 is almost discounted 70%!!!! And don't miss the buy 3 MojiMinis for $15 deal!!!

Accent + Collection includes:

Gray AirMoji

Sophia Home Accent

Air+Immune Essential Oil Pod

And 5 of our fantastic fragrances on SALE for $5 each!!!!

Bora Bora

Orchid and Apricot

Taj Mahal

Luscious Grape

Pear Blossom

*While supplies last!!!

** Local customers preorder by 10pm Sunday night!!

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