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Magical Month of Deals continues!

Week 3 offers perfect products to "Cozy Up Your Home" with a HUGE discount on all AirMoji Accents, plus a bundle you'll love featuring our Pod Storage Case with 12 of our best-selling everyday Fragrance Pods. Get ready for these exclusive deals + an ALL-NEW fragrance that you've been asking for!

These deals are only available November 14-20th*, while supplies last!

- 40% off ALL AirMoji Accents

-SAVE 20% on a Pod Storage Case bundle including 12 of our top-selling Fragrance Pods!

This exciting collection includes one Pod Storage Case and one of each of the following Fragrance Pods: Sweet Lemon, Serendipity, Tahitian Sunset, Fresh Lime & Coconut, Summer Vacation, Oregon Coast, Cactus & White Tea, Poolside, Waterfall Mist, Sparkle, Eucalyptus Mint, and Orange Orchard.

Another all-new pod is coming your way! A warm and enticing everyday fragrance we've all been waiting for will be available on November 14th: Vanilla & Sugar

Vanilla & Sugar

Enjoy the intoxicating notes of rich vanilla bean and sandalwood, sprinkled with sweet sparkling sugar.

Fragrance Strength: Light

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