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Fragrance Box

Beauty Boxes, Clothing boxes, food boxes, pet boxes, and such are so popular right now!!!!!

Why not a fragrance box??? #MojiLife has a fragrance plan called MojiEZ!!!! It's so easy to use and easy to change it up for your different fragrance choices!!!

This month, if you sign up for our MojiEZ program, you receive a FREE White MojiMini II and a FREE Pear Blossom fragrance pod!

Here is another great perk of signing up with our MojiEZ program! Shipping is HALF OFF!!!! Our shipping cost is $8 for all US orders unless the order is over $200, which is then FREE!!!! So, instead of paying $8, you are paying $4!

Here's the thing, we live in an Amazon Prime world, where no one wants to pay shipping costs!!

I get it! But this is so worth it!!!!!

It's so great to know that you'll have new fragrances just before your current pods dry out or become more subtle! I'm so impressed by how long our MojiPods last!!! I believe you will be too!

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