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Everyday Fragrances

Our natural, wood fiber cores are saturated with luxury, curated fragrances designedjust for you. Both our fragrance pods and essential oil pods allow you to place thefragrance of your choice inside your AirMoji II without ever touching the high-quality oils. You can easily switch fragrances without a mess. 


Essential Oils

MojiLife uses pure, non-diluted therapeutic oils, and each wood core is saturated in 15ml of 100% essential oil forum aromatherapy

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AirMojiII Bundle

Experience custom fragrance and fun with the many options available in the new AirMoji II. This device offers the same innovative technology and sophistication as the original AirMoji, with some new, revolutionary features. The customizable LED light band provides a personal touch to your space, allowing you to choose your own colors and light patterns within the AirMoji II App. Easily change the frequency and speed settings using the switches found at the bottom of the device as well as additional customization options, also available within the app. Keep your AirMoji II protected while on the go with the all-new travel case included. The possibilities are endless with this amazing device!

*Each device comes complete with a charging cord, plug, and travel case


MojiMini Bundle

he MojiMini II is perfectly customized for your car, RV, camper, or any small space! Experience on-the-go fragrance with this compact device that comes complete with a visor clip, the all-new vent clip, and a deluxe neoprene case for easy storage. Install in your vehicle and store up to 2 extra pods in the case. Designed for natural air ventilation, the MojiMini II does not include a battery or fan and uses the same pods as your AirMoji. Place your favorite pod in the sleek and compact MojiMini II and enjoy


Power of 3

with the M3

The MojiLife M3 is the newest addition to the AirMoji lineup. Our line of AirMoji devices is the ultimate for delivering fragrance on demand. This incredible new hybrid device is smart, simple, and safe. With the M3, imagination meets innovation by allowing you to create your own unique fragrance combinations. In addition to this great feature, the M3 device also eliminates Anosmia or “nose-blindness” with its ability to provide a wide range of fragrances at any given time. You can even customize your color pattern with an LED light. This revolutionary device with its “power of 3” and additional settings allows for more versatility than ever before.