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Experience custom fragrance and fun with the many options available in the new AirMoji II. This device offers the same innovative technology and sophistication as the original AirMoji, with some new, revolutionary features.


  • Customizable LED light band provides a personal touch to your space

  • Place the device anywhere and control it using your smartphone

  • Easily change the frequency and speed settings for additional customization also available within the app

  • Keep protected while on the go with the all-new travel case included.

  • Easily switch fragrances without a mess with our patented, leading-edge technology

  • The rechargeable AirMoji II has a battery that delivers hours and hours of fragrance between charges

Concrete Wall


The Moji X comes in black and white! It has 4 pre-programmed choices on the bottom of the device. It uses the same fan system as the AirMoji. Although, it has to stay plugged in and does not have a Bluetooth mode. 


The M3 uses the power of 3 to combine fragrances!  There are 3 fan speeds and there's an option to program each fan individually. It also has led lights to make it even more fun!

My personal favorite combo is Fresh Lime and Coconut, Flower Child, and Oregon Coast!

Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall
MojiMini II - White no clip.png
MojiMini II - Black no clip.png
MojiMini II - Gray no clip.png


Our MojiMini is specifically designed for vehicles but is also great for smaller spaces like a closet, pantry, bathroom, or small bedroom.

In the MojiMini the fragrances last even longer than in the other devices. There is not a fan and it uses natural airflow only.

All of our fragrances fit in all the devices!


Wall Mounts

Use your device in virtually any location of your home!


Easily attach this wall mount to your desired location and experience MojiLife fragrances anytime, anywhere! (2.4” x 1.5”)


Designed with charging cord access, it comes complete with 2 screws and 1 command strip for mounting to the desired surface.

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